Sunday, 25 October 2015

'Baby Shoes' / Valerie's Gallery

Valerie's Gallery is a collection of thoughts, poems, stories and other writings. Some are observations of the different ways people communicate and are all based on actual encounters. They were all written by my Mother as part of her Major Work for her Degree in Communication.

Keeping with the family theme, here is another one of Mum's poems. This time it is about one of her Granddaughters who I must say has grown into a beautiful young woman who has no trouble putting on her shoes now!

When Shannon got her baby shoes,
Her feet were very fat.
So instead of walking in them
She sat down, and ate the strap.

She threw them at her Grandpa
Tried to put them on the cat:
But she simply wouldn’t wear them
And that, of course, was that!

When her mother tried to put them on
She scrunched her toes up small
and quickly rolled upon her back
her feet up on the wall.

But Shannon’s Mum is bigger
And at last the shoes were on,
Now Shannon looks and wonders
Where her little feet have gone

Written by Valerie Hazel Torning



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