Saturday, 26 August 2017

ME! ME! ME! / [Mare's Musings]

Voices scream yet remain unheard.
Hearts are sobbing in vain.
Souls are hemorrhaging and nothing stems the flow.

Agony beyond imagination 
is the only companion.
Emptiness echoes as it bounces 
around in the nothingness.
Meaningless, it is all meaningless.

Millions of people living in a vacuum of self, unwilling to hear what ails another, 
let alone care!

I am right at your expense!
I care not for your journey, heartache, need, opinion.
Mine rules supreme!
It must, lest I fall victim to you and your needs, opinions, heartache, journey.

I cannot, will not admit that there may be some validity to your concerns, your pain.
I will only assert mine for they are far superior.
I must not, nay, will not confess to anything that may validate you at the expense of ME!

Compassionate heart, ha! What a weakness!
Admit to sympathy? Too risky!
I will not be taken advantage of!
I will remain stoic in the face of another’s agony!

The dust will not settle until I have stamped out all who would oppose me!
Even if my opinion be wrong I would not admit it nor give anyone the satisfaction of pointing it out.
Bearing with one another is for the weak!
Rightly or wrongly I will stand and pull everyone else down with me!

This world is dog eat dog and I will be the most ravenous!
Do not try to touch my soul, it is dead to you, to your arguments, your pretenses, your pain!
I will reign supreme in my own universe, in my own sphere, in my own mind,
until I finally rot away in my own cold hearted callousness
and come to realize that all I have won is a hollow victory that leaves the stench of death.


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