Monday, 15 June 2015


Valerie's Gallery is a collection of thoughts, poems, stories and other writings. Some are observations of the different ways people communicate and are all based on actual encounters. They were all written by my Mother as part of her Major Work for her Degree in Communication.

Group of tourists going through the river caves at Jenolan.

The guide is giving a very interesting commentary.

Everyone was asking very intelligent questions.

Comes a voice from the back,

‘How many undiscovered caves would there be in this area?’

The guide was speechless.

Different group.

Different cave.

Same guide.

Bright lady, ‘What makes that pool such a beautiful, deep blue?’

Guide, ever helpful,
‘The large amount of fluoride in the water, so they say’.

Thoughtful silence.

Bright lady, ‘why haven’t we got blue teeth then?’

The guide was not amused.

Written by Valerie Hazel Torning

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